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If you live in Vineyard, Utah, you know that your city has seen much growth over the past several years. In a place growing so quickly, it is likely you live in a newer home. Newer homes can be lovely to live in, but sometimes construction residue resides in your vents. When particles are allowed to remain in your vents, they can recirculate through your home’s HVAC system and end up in your lungs or the lungs of your loved ones. At Air Duct Cleaners, we provide Vineyard residents with our air duct cleaning service, completed using our high-powered, truck-mounted vacuum. With enough power to suck up bowling balls, our equipment is perfect for taking unwanted pieces and particles from inside your ducts. Not only do we perform air duct cleaning in the Vineyard area, but we also perform dryer vent cleaning services.

It is recommended that a dryer vent cleaning take place in your residence about once every year or two. This helps reduce the risk of fire and often reduces the amount of time a dryer spends drying clothes. While Vineyard is growing residentially, it is also growing on the commercial side of things. If you are a Vineyard business owner, we want you to know we offer our air duct cleaning and dryer vent cleaning services commercially as well as residentially. We have a history of performing great commercial jobs, and we want to help your business next.

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