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Now You Can Have A Warm House & Energy Efficient Temperature Control!

Want to learn how?

Who wants to save on energy? Smart people, obviously. So congrats! You’re one of them. But how can you save on energy while maintaining warmth at the right times? Well, we have a couple great tips for you! Read on, my friend.

Schedule It!

Be your thermostat’s personal assistant. That is, schedule it. Or, you know, program it. Program your thermostat to follow a schedule. It’s all in your hands. You decide when the house is warm and when it’s cold. You want your house a little colder at night? That’s recommended for the best possible winter home heating. Put it into the schedule. You want the house to spend less energy heating while everyone’s at work or school? Put it into the schedule. Do you understand what we’re saying here? No? Well, if you need to set aside some time to learn and program your mind with this information…schedule it!

The Secrets Your Thermostat Holds

Ah, the mystifying thermostat. What secrets does it hold? To tell the truth, the biggest secret your thermostat holds is…your thermostat hold?

That’s right! If you’re going to be home during the day when your thermostat would usually be keeping things a little cooler, use your thermostat hold. This will allow you to keep the home’s temperature warmer while you’re in the house, while still keeping your thermostat’s schedule intact for when you turn off the thermostat hold. This type of temperature control will keep your home warm and toasty at the right times, while still allowing you to go back to the programmed, scheduled temperatures when you need to. Pretty nice, right? This way, you can save warmth and save money!

Another Note On Energy Efficiency

So, let’s review. How can you increase your energy efficiency and keep your house warm during the colder months? By programming your thermostat with scheduled temperature changes and by utilizing your thermostat hold. But there have got to be other ways to increase your home’s energy efficiency, right? 

Yes, indeed. Did you know you’re losing out on potential energy efficiency when you have dirty air ducts or a dryer vent that’s clogged with lint? Air duct cleaning and dryer vent cleaning can help improve your home’s energy efficiency, and we offer both services! To read more on how air duct cleaning can help with energy efficiency, go to this link

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Thank you for reading!

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