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With a history dating back to 1847, Centerville is one of Utah’s most thriving and beautiful cities. Your city is known for its Fourth of July festivities which demonstrate your community’s appreciation for the values of liberty, freedom, and family. In Centerville, you care about your family deeply and want them to have the best home environment possible. You of course know what makes a house a home does not reside in material matters. However, putting love and care into home maintenance will help your family be able to focus on more important things like spending time together. HVAC maintenance is an essential part of home maintenance. At air duct cleaners, when we perform our air duct cleaning service, we clean your vents, ducts, and furnaces to reduce the number of nasty allergens and dirt in your home’s air.

It is recommended you have an air duct cleaning service performed by a reputable company every five years. Another piece to the puzzle of overall home maintenance is dryer vent cleaning. We offer our dryer vent cleaning services in Centerville to help you reduce the amount of lint in your dryer vent. Excess lint can lead to fires and slow drying. It is generally suggested you receive a dryer vent cleaning service once every year or two. We also provide air duct cleaning and dryer vent cleaning services to businesses.

If you are a Centerville business in need of these services, give us a call. We have completed many jobs in the past, and we want to work with you next.

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