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We are proud to service the residents of Bountiful. Bountiful is a city of rich tradition, including the Handcart Days celebration which serves to remind residents of the pioneer heritage of the area. In a place of community and family values such as your city, people like you are dedicated to making their homes a central place of gathering and connection. Here at Air Duct Cleaners, we hope to help you accomplish your goal of making your home in Bountiful a safe, healthy environment for your family and all others who cross your threshold. Our air duct cleaning service will help you create an environment where dust, allergens, and dirt are not recirculating through your HVAC system at a high level.

Clean air is important, especially in households where people experience asthma or allergies. If you have not had your air ducts cleaned within the last five years, it is recommended that you schedule an air duct cleaning service with a reputable company. We also provide a dryer vent cleaning service. If you are a Bountiful resident who has not had your dryer vent cleaned within the last year or two, give us a call. Dryer vent cleanings are essential to reduce the risk of a house fire and to promote optimal dryer functioning.

If you are a business owner in Bountiful, we can aid you with our dryer vent cleaning and/or air duct cleaning services as well. We have done many commercial jobs over the years, and we want to help your business next.

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